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New to blogging

Thomas has sent you a link to a blog:

Hello, just wanted to say hi. I am new to this blogging thing. Any word of advise and how to start sending info to other people or people to find me.

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IRS and mileage

IRS disallows commute miles to and from your go figure...ha! Since all of our work is driving...I count it all. BW

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Hello! Billy and a Happy New Years to you and yours. Just a question for you about how to calculate mileage when serving papers. I serve process for several local attorneys. I keep record of my starting mileage to the addresses on the citation and keep a runnning total from one location to the other, but Iam unsure if I need to count the mileage coming back to my home after the last stop?? Thanks for your help and advise. Lupe R. Cruz #SCH3758

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Subpoena to get Info

Raymond :

I am an attorney who got his start as a process server. I am actually still authorized to serve in the State of Texas and do serve papers for other attorneys - on rare occasions - when I need extra cash. There may be privacy issues with electric and utility companies, but there is a little known provision in the rules of civil procedure which states that the discovery period in a case - including third party discovery - begins the moment that a case is filed. This means that the attorney who hired you can use his subpoena power to get information about where the subject can be served. I routinely do this in my practice, and I do pay my process servers extra to serve the subpoena (although the servers I have a working relationship generally "comp" me those serves)

I try to give my servers as much info as possible. On the address, check the appraisal district to see if the last name of the owner of record for the property matches the address. An process server may also send requests to the US Postal Service under 39 C.F.R. 265.6(d)(5)(ii) to obtain forwarding address information if one address comes back bad. If I only have a telephone number, I use to get a free "reverse look-up" search.

A process server does not have subpoena power; but the hiring attorney does. Documents pertaining to the address of a subject can be subpoenaed from a number of different sources.

As for public record searches, ask your hiring attorney to run an "AccurInt" on subjects and provide it to you. If you see a car in front of a house, pull a VIN and/or a tag and run that through PublicData will also give you Driver's License information if you have a good name and date of birth.

I hope this helps.

Jason L. Van Dyke
Attorney & Counselor at Law

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Vicki Hutchens

I use IRB, which is a part of Accurint, I have found that it is the most reliable, but I also use Public Data. The only database that I have found that provides the full social is Tracers, but there information is not as update as IRB. Good Luck

Vicki Hutchens

Certified Investigative Consultants

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Joan Teague

The privacy act prohibits us from getting information from any of the named companies without a subpoena. As a retired cop and now a private investigator I get very frustrated at times when trying to find information on folks. If you are not a licensed private investigator you have a few options open to you. Some of them would be,,,, G.A. Public Records or Merlin Public Records.
It's true that not all of them have everything you need, but some is better than none.
Being a licensed investigator I have access to a few more and am usually able to get everything I need with a couple searches. The ones that I use as an investigator usually cost around $19.99 to $49.99.

My son was a almost a Marine (discharged when he broke his arm in basic 2000), my brother-in-law was a Marine (killed in the line of duty as a police officer 1990), my brother-in-law's brother was a Marine (now in law enforcement), and I have a dear friend who Just retired from DPS who was a Marine so if you need some help let me know.

Joan Teague
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Valerie Trevino

Try using is also a website called This website does charge, however, it gives you access for up to a year.

These are usually the sites that I use.

Valerie T. Garcia SCH5553

I use Zebec Date

I use ZEBEC Data Systems, Inc., 2425 Fountainview, Houston, TX 77057, telephone 713-782-3480, for driver's license, license plates, addresses, neighborhood info, locates. Need to be creative. Let me know if anyone has a contact for utilities. BAR Investigations, Inc., Sugar Land, TX 77496, 281-261-5417

Paula Holley

I use a judicial web site for Smith County and the appraisal district records and facebook as well. As far as I know the utilitiy co do not release that info. I hope this info has helped. Most all counties have a judicial site.

TO: Raymond M. Holt-Shirley

We use LOCATEPLUS.COM and they have been quite usefull.

Howard Malpass,
USMC & USAF, Disabled, Retired
Semper Fi/ USMC/USAF

Checking Utilities

Good Morning,
> Is there a document or Documents that allow us to ask for infor from the Telephone company, Cable company, Gas company and Water company for last address or current address of user needing to have documents delivered on them?
> What online service do you all suggest to have in searching persons address, plates, next of kin, social security number, drivers Liscense, ect...?
> I am taking the time to ask you as you have been helpful and informative since I started doing this.
> Thank you in advance for all the help.
> Raymond M. Holt-Shirley
> Semper Fi/ USMC
> Answer:
> Dear Raymond:
> There is a privacy issue with electric, and utilities. Most database services too have privacy at the heart of their service. You must be a licensed PI to get on most database services. If I were to want to get started on skip tracing, I would start with It is easy and cheap. You can go on from there. I have about 6 database services that I use and there is NOTHING that works all the time. I suggest you get my CD, Skip Trace 202 and I will teach you all I know about finding people lost, hiding and misplace. $20 to know what I know..what a deal! You can order from here: , or from here: Thanks again, Billy Wells
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How to find people

I sometimes us sometimes you can type in the phone number in google and get address and name info or type the name as well. I don't know of any documents that allow companies to give out the addresses, if you find that out please let me know. I've a friend that's a private investigator and he uses accurint systems. Good luck.

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Happy 2010!

2010 could be the best year ever...let's hope and pray so!

Anyone using a process server's program that they are pleased with? We have been using PST (Process Servers Tool Box) for several years, and wanted to know if anything better is on the market? Please send me an email if you can recommend a good program.

If you have any ideas how to make your business better that you want to share let me know and we will post it on the blog.

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