Sunday, September 19, 2010

Economic Armageddon The Perfect Storm

Jer 12:5
5 "If you have raced with men on foot and they have worn you out, how can you compete with horses? If you stumble in safe country, how will you manage in the thickets by the Jordan?

The stage is being set. 1. We need a one world government. 2. We need a one world leader. 3. We need a one world money system. The whole world is clambering for the answer and the god of this world will give it.

God had Israel's provision planned during the time of famine in the days of Joseph. God sent Joseph ahead to store up natural provision during the time of plenty, but when the lean times came they ate up all that provision. If it had not been for God's divine foresight in leading Joseph to Egypt then Israel might have died during the famine, as it was mentioned many times in the passages in Genesis. It is hard for people to plan for drought in times of plenty and when famine comes where is the ability to save and store away? Long gone after the times of plenty. It is hard for us to see what is before us when it is not effecting us yet. When we have never in our lives experienced want and need in our lifetimes. We have been vaccinated (by prosperity) against all warnings, and are totally immune to the call of God to prepare.

If we cannot keep up with the footmen, how can we run with the horses? If we can barely make ends meet during the times of plenty, how will we ever survive during the times of calamity? Most American's are one pay check from the edge, but they still drive their new car payments, spend 10% more every month than they earn, live with their credit cards maxed out, like the American government thinking there is no payday for our foolish spending attitudes of debt and over consumption.

If that were not enough, our entire economic system is built upon a depleting supply of "cheap"oil. Some day there will only be enough oil for the rich!  Those of us who could not see the handwriting on the wall or at least discern the times are destined to be without oil and gas priced out of our reach.

 Every great civilization in history has failed. Not one has continued in their greatness. Not one! How is it we cannot understand that too applies to us? Are we some how different? Every fiat currency in the history of the world has failed, is ours different? Will we never run out of "cheap" oil? Will we never have to pay for the debts we are borrowing in America? Will the world continue to believe in our fiat money (paper money) when there are now Americans themselves that do not believe? The only thing at this time keeping the fiat dollar afloat is the fear other countries have in the connection of their fiat (worthless paper money) to our fiat money. As the US goes down so will the world in the perfect storm ready for the rise of a new world economy and a new world order!

Never have we been at this place in time before. No one has ever been here before us to tell us what to do to prepare. The blind guides leading this Nation are looking backwards to predict the future, as are most Americans. Oh, the US has always been prosperous and the government has always provided in the past so I base my future on the past. Foolishness! If the blind lead the blind they both fall in the ditch!

Well, I don't! I base my future on Jesus. I know this world stage is being set for a takeover. I know this world economy will crumble before the new "Beast System". My only question to Jesus is how do I prepare? What do you want me to do about the future? What is the wisest thing I can do now to prepare for uncertainty? You too must ask these questions. If it all unravels while I am here where do I need to be? What does my life need to look like? What have I put aside for the day of testing to come upon the whole earth?

Be blessed Billy and Jan

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