Wednesday, February 3, 2010

10 Things that guarantee success


• 1. Always, always answer the phone. No voicemail, no answering machines, a real person!
• 2. Always acknowledge your receipt of paperwork.
• 3. Make your first attempt within 24 hours of receiving it!
• 4. Let your client know status reports immediately.
• 5. Fax a copy of completed return to your client same day.
• 6. Immediately mail your returns back to your client.
• 7. Look at the big picture. What is this client worth in dollars per year?
• 8. Be professional, get rid of the beat-box music on your cell phone.
• 9. Let your client know they can count on you and your honestly.
• 10. Remember it is your own business, so take care of your clients.
• 11. Never say “NO”. Always say “We can get it done!”

Remember we wrote the book on Skip Tracing, If you need help let me know. Billy Wells

1 comment:

  1. I agree and love how you put answer you phone at #1. This is so true. If you do not answer your phone, how will you get business. For every call I miss I can potentially lose $500 per call. Honesty and expedited service is a must. If you work for your client like no one else will, you will make tons of money. And a big thank you to Billy Wells for this post.

    Shawn McKinney
    McKinney Process Service